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male infertility

Dr Rainas Safe Hands best infertility doctor in India, Delhi treat people from male infertility.Dr Vinod Raina is against unnecessary IVF procedures which are done on couples who can conceive with natural way and by the help of medication, it is now clear that maximum times males are responsible for infertility in couples due to low sperm count and due to azoospermia or oligospermia.These diseases are caused due to overstressed life and unusual lifestyle. Many males are smoking and drinking which are making sperms in low count and maxim of young males do not do any excursive and eat junk food which are responsible to male infertility. If a patient comes to dr rainas safe hands top infertility clinic in india,delhi ,he will be treated in very short time and definitely one can save from IVF and other procudures,it is very easy to treat male infertility if it is properly diagnosed.

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