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hiv & std

HIV is a very serious disease which is transferred by unprotected sexual intercourse, if a patient is contaminated with HIV virus then we can treat him and prevent it from spreading within 72 hours of contamination. If within 72 hours we are able to start anti hiv emergency drugs then we can prevent it from spreading in one’s body, so if anybody who has done unprotected sexual intercourse with unknown person and is not knowing the status of the person then he should start the ant HIV emergency treatment in which we can prevent a patient from spreading the disease. STD is called sexually transmitted diseases which include ghnoreia,sphyllis,herpes,wats,e coli ,HIV etc. which are spread by doing unprotected sex with the patient who is the carrier of the disease, most of these diseases are curable and we can prevent them by using protection during sexual intercourse which include condoms. If any patient is contaminated with stds then he/she should immediately consult a doctor.

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